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Unique combination

Multi award-winning Ray Corke and Jon Corken offer a unique combination of experience and creative youth.

Ray is a well-known face about the town, having spent more than 40 years at the Grimsby Telegraph. He was trained in Fleet Street, where he met and photographed many stars, including The Beatles and Tom Jones, and covered many international events, including Wimbledon. He lives in Cleethorpes with his wife of 40 years, Judy, and spends his spare time propping up the bar in Willy's and chasing around after his four young grandsons. He is also partial to a round of golf.

Jon studied photography at university and gained a degree in photography and digital imaging. He went straight from there to work at the Grimsby Telegraph, where, now in his ninth year, he is picture editor. Jon lives in Grimsby with his wife Hannah and young sons Joshua and Olly. He enjoys spending his spare time with his family and fills his Sky box up with anything to do with Motorsport.

Ray and Jon's vast experience of dealing with a wide range of people every day will put you at ease and give you the pictures you will value for a lifetime.

Working in the press industry has given them the skills and expertise to produce award-winning pictures without taking up all of your day.

They use the highest-quality SLR cameras available and state-of-the-art lighting equipment to give you the most unique images.

Ray and Jon work together on every wedding to give you unparalleled coverage of your special day.